My First Attempt at a Sonnet

I have never studied poetry so I decided to take an online Master Class with Billy Collins , who was the Poet Laureate of the United States from 2001-2003. I like Billy’s poems because they are accessible and often about everyday things. The class is just Billy lecturing in 10-15 minute blocks, which works very well for me since I want a basic overview and am perfectly content to just sit, listen and take notes. In addition to the lectures, there is a downloadable workbook with assignments. Writing a sonnet is one of those assignments. So here is my first attempt at sonnet-writing. I found the process intriguing and somewhat like working a crossword puzzle. I cannot attest to the quality, but the effort was fun.

Here’s to trying new things at any age.

Sonnet 1, however imperfect:

To my husband

That day along the river’s edge we walked

Our future life shining like a pale beam

You bent a knee and begged me not to balk

Your face alive with adventures and schemes

Then, children came and life grew dense and deep

Your mind still filled with hopes and dreams you voiced

Others would have succumbed to fitful sleep

But you refused that soporific choice

How long the shadows grow as we both age

Grandkids fill our home and bring joy to life

Still you have more ideas to fill the page

Marching ahead in step with drum and fife

How our lives still brim as the night draws nigh

Now our shared dreams serve as our battle cry

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  1. This is beautiful, and a well written sonnet. I enjoy them and have written quite a few. It is not an easy process, and I agree it is like a crossword puzzle. 🙂

    1. Thank you! You’re right, it is not an easy process. I appreciate your positive feedback.

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