In Ventura on Grandma Duty

I am sitting in the car with a sleeping Nico while Ray, Sarah, Gregorio and Luna make a quick stop into the various thrift shops in downtown Ventura. Afterward, we will head to the movies for Spider-Man or Bumblebee, whichever wins out.

Nico is snoring in the back seat. At almost three, he is a force of nature all day long until sleep overcomes him. The admonition, “Never wake a sleeping baby” is especially true for little Nico since he will not necessarily go to sleep early once we get home but rather run on extra energy until long after his parents are ready to go to bed. I am happy to sit with him. He is such a sweet boy. All heart with an extra dose of kindness thrown in for good measure. He pats Cordelia and Frankie and sometimes kisses them as well. If he sees a baby, his automatic response is always, “Aw.” He’s going to be a very good big brother when his little sister arrives in March.

Ventura is filled with end of the year tourists since it is right on the ocean and the downtown area is loaded with charming shops and restaurants. We will, no doubt, go to dinner after the movie in one of those restaurants.

I better wrap up. I expect the family will arrive shortly.

Have a lovely evening, my friends. We have a new year to bring in soon.

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