Writing Prompts: What You Like about Yourself and Love about Your Life

Dear friends,

I’m sorry I’ve been out of the loop. This is my busy time of year due to helping students with college essays and I have been snowed.  But I had a cancellation tonight – yeehaw – so I took the time to answer two prompts from my Story Circle Network e-circle writing group.  Thank you, Judy. These are good ones, and not nearly as easy as they might seem on first glance. 

Here are the two prompts:

List 10 things you like about yourself:

1) I am open to life and willing to try new things.

2) I have a deep capacity to love my family and my friends.

3) I make the assumption I will like most of the people I meet.

4) I l love to learn.

5) I am trustworthy.

6) I love writing (both the noun and the verb).

7) I genuinely like hearing about other people’s lives.

8) I believe in a power greater than myself, aka God.

9) I am enriched by literature, music and art.

10) I love being physically active and relish physical work.

List 12 things you love about your life:

1) Having a life that is rich and varied.

2) Having a deep connection to my family and close friends.

3) Having a church home that serves as an extended family for me.

4) Working with my writing students, which is enriching, both personally and intellectually.

5) Having a husband who pushes me to grow and also accepts me just as I am. 

6) Having the opportunity to restore several historically interesting houses, including our beloved Victorian in Texas.

7) Owning an orange grove in Ojai. CA, where we get to live outside much of the time and eat the sweetest oranges around.

8) Having the chance to live close enough to my kids and grandkids so that I get to see them on a regular basis.

9) Having people in my life who I trust and who trust me.

10) Having a writing life and writing friends, who share my passion for the written word.

11) Having a deep spiritual life that nourishes me on a daily basis.

12) Having a wide-ranging social network of friends who keep me optimistic about life and this world.




2 Comments Add yours

  1. Kelly Wise says:

    So glad your back! I have been thinking about you in between my waves of “Len withdrawal!” I hope all is well and my heart is with all of those in your state threatened by fire. Stay safe and welcome back!

    1. Thank you! I appreciate being missed. Hugs to you.

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