My First Teleseminar

I will be presenting my first teleseminar this Friday at 11 am Pacific time to members of the National Association of Memoir Writers. I met NAMW’s founder, Linda Joy Myers, at the Story Circle Network national conference and she invited me to make this presentation. I am looking forward to sharing my love of flash fiction and flash memoir with the NAMW membership. Wish me luck!

Here is the link:

Member Teleseminar
Len Leatherwood
October 19, 2018
11 am PDT | 12 pm MDT | 1 pm CDT | 2 pm EDT

Flash fiction and flash memoir pieces are everywhere these days. Just today I read three flash fiction stories featured in The New Yorker magazine.  “Flash” is characterized as writing that contains no more than 1000 -1200 words. Editors both online and in print are recognizing the power of this compressed form of storytelling and, as a result, the market for flash is growing steadily stronger. This teleseminar will explore the fundamentals of flash fiction and flash memoir and also present a specific method to add both clarity and resonance to your writing. We will also discuss the benefits of writing “short” for longer pieces of fiction and memoir.

Those attending the teleseminar will learn:

1) A brief history of flash
2) The fundamental elements of flash fiction and flash memoir
3) How to use literary elements to deepen flash stories
4) Where to go to learn about publishing opportunities for flash
5) The benefits of writing flash for both short and long pieces

Writing flash fiction and flash memoir is both gratifying and fun.  You get a lot said in just a few words and are able to finish a piece and submit it much faster than with longer forms of writing. Come learn what flash is all about!  I think you’ll find it quite intriguing.

Len is a published writer of flash fiction/flash memoir with pieces appearing in flashquake, All Things Girl, Real Words for Real Women, True Words Anthology, Provo Canyon Review, A Cup of Comfort Cookbook and numerous other literary journals. She was a nominee for a Pushcart Prize in flash fiction in 2015. She is also an award-winning writing teacher, who has been teaching students privately in Los Angeles for the past 18 years. In addition, she serves as both a teacher and the Online Classes Coordinator for Story Circle Network, a non-profit organization dedicated to women telling their stories. Over the past decade, Len has been presenting writing workshops at national conferences. She blogs at 20 Minutes a Day,, where she has been sharing her daily thoughts on writing and life since 2012.


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  1. Don Dodson says:

    Len- I asked Alessandro about rates for your daughter and family for the hotel if they decide to go independently and he said the Nov. 2019 rates had not been posted yet. He also mentioned something I had not thought about. The group has several meals included in the price so they may want to consider full or half board (my thought) if the hotel has that. Most do. Sometimes groups have fixed menus or are put in a separate room and if that is the case it would probably keep them from having dinner with the group. Breakfasts are always buffets so no problem there. Just a thought. These are usually last minute decisions by the hotel based on who else is staying there.

    For the Amalfi Coast day we will have two smaller buses and two guides. This is better because the large busses cannot stop at some places and even if they are allowed they are so big that there is no room to park so that part has to be skipped. For a big bus about the only place that can be planned is Amalfi town. This is much better. It costs more but we can off set with the numbers savings from other areas.

    I asked Alessandro if he was interested in coordinting another group and duplicate your trip and that is a go if you want to pursue it. If you do then do not mention price. To get your price I had to call in some favors. With Alessandro and my staff I can donate that but the hotels and transportation companies I use at least twice every year on a permanent basis. You got the Len Leatherwood once in lifetime price. I would have to check to see how much it would be if the other writer group did it. Now, here is something to consider. If you want to be the instructor for the other group then we could build in your fee. Just a thought. You may not be interested in doing that.

    I’m off in the morning so we can keep everything on hold until I get back, but I will have my laptop with me so keep me up to date on enrollment so I can sure we have hotel space. Go ahead and send in the deposits as carol does that part.



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