An Unexpected and Delightful Visit

This evening, while Ray and I were having dinner at Dallas Love Field after learning we had a two-hour flight delay, I felt a tap on my shoulder.  I looked up to see Cathie Carter Walsh Crouch, an old friend of mine from our hometown of Bonham, Texas. We exchanged a quick hug, ascertained that she had time to join us at our table for dinner and then off we went down memory lane.  Cathie is a year younger than I am and so we have lots of mutual friends and lots of shared high school experiences.  Plus, via Facebook, we’ve kept up with each other’s current lives.  For example, I knew she had just become a new grandmother not long ago and, sure enough, her trek to Memphis was to go visit that new little grandson.  (She also has three kids who live there, so there’s that.) We chatted about our kids, our grandkids, her new marriage after being single over 20 years, her work as a realtor and on and on and on.  The bottom line was that it felt as if we lived around the corner from each other and had bumped into one another at the grocery store after a couple of weeks apart.  Such is the beauty of social media.

Speaking of which, I stole the picture of Cathie and her new grandson from her Facebook page tonight since I forgot to take a photo of her at the airport.  I don’t think she’ll mind and, besides, I needed to illustrate exactly who it was I saw.

Cathie headed off to Memphis; we boarded our plane for LA, and, hopefully, she arrived safe and sound as we did here.

That unexpected visit was quite a treat.  It’s a small world indeed.

Talk again tomorrow, friends. And, Cathie, have fun with that little grandson!



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