My Afternoon and Evening with the Grandkids

My granddaughter Luna and I had a special date today.  She was out of school early and Mom and Dad needed a hand.  I had the opportunity to pick her up at her Spanish Immersion kindergarten class, then we had lunch together and went to the documentary, “Pick of the Litter,” about training seeing-eye dogs for the blind.  By then, Sarah and Nico were home for just a little while until she had to go to Luna’s school for parents’ Open House.  (Gregorio is working out of town.)  So, I helped with Luna’s homework, fed both kids dinner, gave them baths, and then settled down with them for about half of the movie “Peter Rabbit” before Sarah returned home.  Now I’m back home and ready for bed. It’s 9:24 pm.

It is always a treat to spend time with my grandkids. I marvel at how smart they are, am surprised by their endless energy and am shocked by just how hungry they are.  Luna said today, “I’m always hungry, Grandma, even when I sleep.”  Yes, that little body is growing and needs nutrition.

On that note, I’m headed to bed.  I’m not hungry, I’m just plain tired. But also very happy.IMG_4224.JPG




2 Comments Add yours

  1. Joan Henehan says:

    Extra mid-morning protein shakes for Luna!

  2. Good idea! She loves a peanut butter, honey and banana sandwich.

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