Photos of Our Labor Day Family Gathering in Ojai

Our family gathered over the weekend in Ojai at our orange grove.  We had a wonderful time just being together, hiking down to the waterhole at the nature conservancy and eating some excellent food grilled on the open fire.  Here are a few photos to commemorate our weekend.  The weather was perfect, as was the company.  I am very lucky to be surrounded by such lovely people.

Uncle Ron, Luna and Nico


Aunties Rachael and Liz with Luna and Nico and Cordelia, our corgi


Ron, Emilio, Gregorio and Sarah at the Waterhole


Gregorio and Emilio Grilling Chicken and Vegetables


Grandpa Driving Grandkids (and Gregorio) Around in His Old Pickup Truck


Dr. Sarah Performing a Minor Medical Procedure on Liz


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  1. Beautiful, what a great family gathering.

    1. Yes, it was relaxed and lovely. Thank you!

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