Luna and Church

Yesterday, Luna and Nico went to church with us.

When I told Luna at breakfast that we were going, she said, “Aw, Grandma, I don’t like church.”

I shrugged. “When you visit Grandma and Grandpa on a Sunday morning, church is just what we do.”

She went back to eating her oatmeal.

On the way to church, she repeated to Grandpa that she didn’t like going.  Ray said, “I’m surprised to hear you don’t like the music.”

“It’s too loud,” she said. “Sometimes I have to put my hands over my ears.”

“Hmmmm,” Ray said.

“Will Grandma be up front today, wearing one of those funny dresses?”

“No.  Today, she’ll be just one of the regular people, sitting with us.”

Luna glanced at me and nodded.

Once we were settled in the pew and the music began, I noted Luna didn’t put her hands over her ears.  As it turned out, the music was just perfect, not too loud, not too quiet.

After drawing designs for at least 30 minutes on the pledge envelopes supplied in the pews (I figured future pledgers might appreciate a bit of artwork), Luna looked at me and said, “Well, I still don’t like church, but I do enjoy the little snack we get at the end.”

“Oh, the bread and the wine?”

“Just the bread, Grandma. No wine.”

I’d forgotten. The last time Luna went up for communion, she thought she was getting juice. When she tasted the wine, her whole face twisted as if she’d just bitten into a lemon.  Definitely no wine for Luna, at least at age five.

Luna as flower girl and Nico as ringbearer at Nico’s Godmother’s wedding

Luna and Nico at the wedding









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