Happy Holiday

Ray and I have just returned to LA and at this moment, I really should go to sleep.  It is 9:24 pm here and 5:24 am on Friday in London, meaning I’ve been up 23 hours since I got up in London at 6:30 am on Thursday morning.  Before I head upstairs, however, I wanted to say that I’ve had a wonderful vacation with lots of walking, lots of art and lots of time spent with family and friends. The weather in both Barcelona and London was really lovely.  Though it rained on and off, we had our trusty umbrellas and the weather was nice and cool. This was in contrast to other parts of Spain that were described as already hot by some fellow travelers with whom I chatted today at the airport.  London was absolutely glorious weather-wise with mid-70s temperatures and blue skies and there were loads of people basking in the sun in all the parks and sidewalk cafes in every part of the city where we visited.

We traveled around both cities using the subway systems and just today, we took the tube to Victoria Station, jumped on the train to Gatwick, flew on a plane to the US, took a bus to the car park, and then drove home in our car.  Yesterday, we took a river bus to a dock right next to the Tate Modern, which was pretty darned cool.  Here’s to good public transportation!  We didn’t ride in any double-decker buses while in London, however. We’ll have to do that next trip.

I am happy to be home.  We have been zipping around for almost two weeks and that is quite plenty for me. I am delighted to be back with my puppies (thank you, Ian Elliot Davies, for watching them) and am looking forward to crawling into my own bed.

The highlights of the trip?  Exploring Barcelona with my children, son-in-law, and grandchildren absolutely tops the list. Also, all things Gaudi, the Miro Museum, along with the pure beauty of Barcelona itself.  In London?  Seeing my nephew Jim, staying in our friends’ lovely home and having time to visit, the Thomas Cole and Ed Ruscha exhibitions at the National Gallery and the entire Tate Modern.  Plus, I’d have to throw in a lively evening discussion led by Father David Peebles at St. George’s, Bloomsbury about how we, as Christians, can relate to the world’s religions

I only wish I could have seen my Welsh friends.  We have to plan that for another trip.

And on that note, I will close.  My eyelids are growing heavy and my bed is calling.

I’ll check back in with you again tomorrow.

View of London from the River Bus



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