Getting Ready for a Big Trip

My happy news is that on Sunday evening, Ray, Rachael and I are heading off to Barcelona to meet up with Liz, Sarah, Gregorio, Luna and Nico. (We are flying different airlines since we booked our trips a few days apart.)  Our kids and grandkids have a wedding to attend in Switzerland; Ray and I are tagging along for the Barcelona part of the trip just for the fun of it. I would say I am excited – well, I AM excited – but I must admit I am ready for the trip preparation to be over so I can just relax.

This evening, I went to six different stores and tried on at least 25 different shoes just to find a comfortable pair of tennis shoes for the trip.  Lord, Lord, I am NOT  a shopper.  In fact, that was more shopping than I’ve done since Christmas and then I only went to three stores, not six.  These short, wide feet, however, are not the easiest to find shoes for. When I was growing up, my mother just gave up and put me in high top basketball shoes. Her response to my words of protest: “Maybe you’ll start a new trend.”  Well, it is true that girls now wear high tops all the time with their skirts and dresses, but I ‘m pretty sure that I was not the trendsetter back in 1964.  Maybe my mother had a vision that I just couldn’t see!

Alas, I found some lace-up, extra wide black Skechers (my new favorite brand) with memory foam. Even better, I stumbled upon a sale where I got one pair of shoes for a discounted price and the other pair for 50% off its discounted price.  Score.  That was, of course, the very last store I went to at 9:45 after leaving home 3 hours earlier.

Still, I now have my new tennis shoes plus a pair of sandals for the trip.  Hopefully, these will allow me to keep up with Luna and Nico as we explore Barcelona.  Yes, I truly am excited.

On that note, I’ll take my shopping-weary self up to bed.

I’ll check back in again tomorrow.



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