Talk with an Old Friend

I had a good long talk tonight over the phone with my old friend, Judy HG, who moved to Ashland, Oregon about nine months ago.  Judy is one of those people in my life who occupies a special slot.  She and I can not see each other for months and then pick up our conversations as if we just ran to the bathroom and are now back. There is never an awkward pause or a moment where one or the other is flailing for a conversation topic. No, we just start out and three or four hours later we have to call it quits, not because we’ve run out of things to say but just because we’re both tired. We talk about kids, families, writing, our pasts, our futures, books, television shows, movies, you name it. We can quickly and easily slide from one topic to another with hardly a pause. I can be open and honest about whatever it is I’m thinking or feeling and know I will not be judged.  That is a good friend and a good feeling.  I have a few women in my life who occupy this slot and I am forever grateful they are there.

Now, I am headed to bed.  It is very late and I have lots to do tomorrow, so I’ll bid you good night.

Until then…

Phone Call Split Screen


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