My Friend Wendel’s Book

Today, I received a copy of my old friend Wendel Sloan’s book entitled, Kill a Moose for Jesus: Three Minute Essays on Punks, Poets, Parents, Preachers, Potheads, Parrotheads and Politicians.  Wendel, an award-winning writer, has written a column for the Eastern New Mexico News in Portales for many years now and many of these essays have been selected from those columns.

He asked me to write a blurb for the back of his book and it reads as follows:

From stories about Wendel’s early days with his East Texas family to ones that highlight friends he’s met in his adopted city of Portales, New Mexico, this volume will make you laugh, tear up, shake your head and maybe even learn a few things about life, people, religion, politics, and what it’s like being a liberal surrounded by conservatives. Mostly, Wendel’s sharp, self-deprecating wit will invite you to see the world through his eyes, where friendship, simplicity and kindness are valued over monetary gain or high-flown titles. Best of all, there is a flint-like integrity that shines through every one of these stories, revealing the essential nature of this brilliant satirical writer.

For those of you who can tell by the title that this is a book for you, please consider ordering a copy at  You will get a kick out of the book for sure, especially the very first story that explains just exactly why anyone might want “to kill a moose for Jesus.”

Well done, Wendel. This is a poignant and entertaining read!






4 Comments Add yours

  1. Wendel Sloan says:

    Thank you, Len! I appreciate the promotion and your testimonial on the back. I’m also working on turning it into an ebook.

    1. The e-book sounds like a great idea. Happy to promote your book. I am enjoying reading it!

      1. Wendel Sloan says:

        Thanks, Len! Continued success with your writing.

  2. Thank you. You too!

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