Ojai Work Day

As a gift to Rachael for her upcoming birthday, her dad suggested that we might spend one day (along with Liz and Ron) in Ojai helping her with the renovation of a little “Canned Ham” camper that she and Ariel bought. Rachael was thrilled with the offer since they have limited time to come up and work on their purchase.

Today was the day. Luz and Ron headed up putting part of the ceiling in the camper since they have just recently completed that task in their 1958 Spartan. Ray and I did the Lowe’s run for building supplies which required a trip down to Ventura. I came back and made lunch for everyone while Ray advised on the ceiling process. Getting the ceiling in is a bit tricky because the little camper has curved sides. Though the going was slower than they wanted, they did get in half the ceiling before Rachael had to head back to LA at three. While more needs to be done, we made some major inroads.

I am a bit tired now but it was a very good day. I am heading straight to sleep as soon as I finish here because we have to get up early and drive back into LA for the homeless breakfast tomorrow morning.

Here is a photo of Liz and Ron at work.

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