Two of My Writing Friends

Today I had a lovely visit with one of my former students, Madison, who has been off in graduate school in England and is home for a brief time. We covered a myriad of topics in our time together, but we both seem happiest when we wander into the realm of writing. We talk about our frustrations, our minor victories, share the titles of books and stories we love and generally commiserate about the life of a writer. We have an ease to our conversations that speaks of the years we have known each other. We are old friends at this point since we have been friends since Madison was nine and she is now twenty-two. Yes, old friends indeed. Thank you for that visit, Madison. Come again soon. We have more to talk about!

Another former student, Michael, was with me for two hours this morning as well. He is my weekly writing friend and we simply sit in the same room as we work on whatever individual writing project is pulling us that day. We spend a few minutes each week talking about what’s happening in our lives. We also share opinions on movies and television shows and anything else that comes to kind. We are old friends as well since I had Michael as a student starting when he was in 7th grade until he finished high school. Now he is twenty-seven and has as much to teach me as I have to teach him.

How fortunate I am to have these two very interesting people in my life. They keep me moving forward and, besides, I just really like them as people. How lucky is that?

This is definitely one of the best parts of being a private writing teacher. I have several of these very special students who have remained in my life long after our “official” time together ended. I also have a few others who check in from time to time. Pure bliss.

Okay, it is now almost eleven so it is time to go crawl into bed. I will be checking back in with you tomorrow.

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  1. Michael says:

    I love our time together! And I took forward to our Tuesday writing sessions every week.

    1. Me too! Big hugs, my friend.

    2. I do too, MIchael. It is one of the best parts of my week. Hugs.

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