Happy Easter Day Festivities

I served at two Masses today, as the subdeacon at the 8 o’clock and the Master of Ceremonies at the 10:30. Then we headed over to Sarah’s where we spent the afternoon and early evening.  A wonderful day filled with much hope and love.  Here are a few photos:


Luna in the church.jpegAriel and Rachael.JPG


liz, ariel and Luna.JPGMack and Ron.JPG



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  1. jhenehan says:

    Len, thanks to you and Ray for all you do at St. Thomas the Apostle. Besides serving on the altar, you keep the church in working order, make the food & serve our homeless friends at the Breakfast Club and goodness knows how many dozens of quiches you and your crew cooked from scratch for today’s Easter Brunch. Those are just a few things off the top of mind.
    Thank you and Ray so much and thanks to your family and your students for sharing you with us.

    1. It is our pleasure, Joan. Thank you back for all your hard work!

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