Holy Week at St. Thomas the Apostle, Hollywood

We are now in Holy Week, which is, for those who do not know, the countdown to Easter Sunday, the highest of the High Holy Days in the Christian church.  As an acolyte, I will be serving almost every day this week with the exception of the Saturday night Easter Vigil mass.  That’s because I am serving at two masses on Easter Sunday, the 8 am and the 10:30, so the powers that be took pity on me for Saturday night.  In addition, Daughter Rachael and I are going to the church kitchen on Friday to bake 13 quiches plus two big crustless quiches for the Easter Day brunch.

Despite all of that work, I find this week to be one of the most profoundly moving in the Christian calendar. Whenever I am feeling sorry for myself, I bring to mind what Jesus went through in the last week of his life on earth and soon I have a new perspective on the trials and tribulations I experience.

If you’re looking for a gorgeous/moving/meaningful Easter experience, may I recommend St.Thomas the Apostle, Hollywood at 7501 Hollywood Boulevard?  This is a “high” Episcopal church, which means that the ritual of the mass is very formal and there will be lots of bells and smells (incense).  The choir and the music will be glorious, and the church will be festooned with colorful flowers. In addition, the pews will be filled with friendly parishioners, who will be delighted to help you figure out when to stand, kneel and sing.  Plus, just for the record, we are ritually conservative but socially liberal. We welcome people from every walk of life, every sexual orientation and every faith or non-faith tradition.

There will be an Easter egg hunt at 9:30 am on Easter Day, where you will very likely see my two adorable grandkids, and there will also be an Easter brunch where you can taste some delicious (if Rachael and I say so ourselves) spinach quiche.

For those who observe this tradition, I wish you a prayerful and meditative Holy Week and a very happy Easter.

Here is a link for the mass times: https://74005028.view-events.com/calendar/74005028/



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