Finally Watched Breaking Bad – All Five Seasons

Spoiler alert for anyone who hasn’t already seen this series.

Ray and I are definitely behind the times.  We just finished binge-watching the television series, Breaking Bad.  I will admit to staying up until 3 am on Sunday morning so we could see the finale.  Yes, and it was worth it.  Walter White will go down as one of the most brilliant main characters I’ve seen on tv or in the movies with a penchant for lying without a shred of conscience, a vindictive side that is pure mean, and a sense of loyalty that eventually makes him a tragic hero.  After all, he saves Jesse in the end and releases him from the bondage that came the day that Walter White walked into his life.

I will also admit that I’m glad to be finished with the series. While it was expertly crafted to keep the viewer hooked, the endless vicissitudes of being a meth cook/dealer can wear a person out. And there just isn’t much comic relief in that life either, from the looks of it.  Or happiness.  No, that pile of money didn’t appear to bring a shred of happiness, just a sense of relief for Walter that he was going to reach his goal of providing for his family after his death.

I decided to watch Breaking Bad after talking to a fellow traveler on a shuttle bus at LAX.  I mentioned that we were looking for a new series to watch and he asked if I had ever seen BB.  When I shook my head, he said, “Well, the decision is made then. If you don’t, you will have missed one of the best shows that has ever been seen on television.”  Ray and I started watching that night and committed ourselves to watching an episode or two or three daily beginning at around 10 pm.  (Yes, now you know why I’ve been complaining so much about being tired.)

Am I glad I watched it?  Absolutely.  The characters are multi-dimensional, the action fast-paced and believable, and the ethical conflicts regarding bad, really bad and downright evil keep the viewer thinking maybe one more episode might be a good idea, even if it’s already midnight and you’ll be getting up at 6.

Besides, it’s a relief not to have such a complicated life.  While Walter White admitted he loved feeling “fully awake,” I have to say that I am happy to feel a bit sleepy and live a lot more calmly.

If you haven’t seen this series, then I would highly recommend it. If you have seen it, then enough said.

I’ll be checking in again with you all tomorrow. Until then, try not to stay up too late.maxresdefault

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