A Pre-Birthday Visit to the Getty

Liz, Ray and I went today to the Getty for Ray’s birthday, which is tomorrow.  The big 60th for Ray on March 18th.  Tomorrow, we will celebrate by joining the whole family out at Sarah and Gregorio’s for lunch and a day together.  I am so looking forward to seeing everyone and just hanging out. Of course, seeing my grandbabies will be a major part of that treat.

Today, we had a wonderful time.  We ate lunch in the cafe at the Getty, then headed over to see an exhibition on art exhibition curator, Harald Szeemann.

Here is a description of the exhibition:

“One of the most distinguished advocates of conceptual art and postminimalism, and a figure who became synonymous with the advent of globalism in contemporary art, Harald Szeemann (Swiss, 1933–2005) developed a new form of exhibition-making that centered on close collaborations with artists and a sweeping international vision of contemporary culture.”

Afterward, we had coffee, then headed over to a photography exhibition on Paper Promises, Early American Photography

Here is a description of that exhibition:

“This exhibition explores the formative years of photography in nineteenth-century America. Featuring rare photographs and negatives as well as iconic images from the Gold Rush and Civil War, it traces early experimentation with photography on paper. The show also reveals how photographic reproduction helped shape perceptions of the United States during a critical period of political tension and territorial expansion.”

And also, one more exhibition, entitled, “Cut! Paper Play in Contemporary Photography.”

Here is a description of that exhibition:

“Many photographers working today use paper in unique and innovative ways. Some create paper models with images gleaned from current events, popular magazines, or the internet for the express purpose of photographing them. Others cut, layer, fold, and assemble representational photographs to introduce tactile or narrative elements. This exhibition features works by Thomas Demand, Christiane Feser, Daniel Gordon, Soo Kim, Matt Lipps, and Christopher Russell.”

Liz was very brave to offer to go with us to an art museum. We are known to be there for hours.  She was a good sport, looking at all the art and then waiting patiently while Ray and I looked and looked and then looked some more.

This was a lovely afternoon and just perfect as a pre-birthday celebration before Ray’s official birthday tomorrow. We had a wonderful time together.

Thank you, Liz!



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