One of Those Days

I have had one of those days where everything I’m doing is in mid-process with nothing coming to a logical (and satisfying) conclusion.  I have been working on a paper with a student that is frustrating to organize, tackling an ongoing problem up in Ojai with our land partners that refuses to right itself, figuring out a project with Ray that brings up more questions than the answers, putting a nice big STOP to definitive steps forward. I even got stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic today on a street that’s usually smooth sailing. ARGHHH!

I am assuming I am being given opportunities to develop extreme patience.  What else could explain these obstacles that seem to be popping up, willy-nilly?

Whatever the case, I am aware that as of now my work day is done and I can stop all these frustrating tasks until tomorrow.  I am happy about that. Maybe tomorrow, I’ll look at these things and they’ll seem simple and easy to handle.  That would be nice.

Until then, have a good evening.  Here’s hoping your day has gone a bit more smoothly than mine.




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  1. Mary Jo Doig says:

    Here’s to a better day today, Len. Happily days like your yesterday are rarer than our average days.

    1. True, Mary Jo. Thank you.

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