Today at St. Thomas the Apostle

This has been one of those days. Up early to prepare to be Master of Ceremonies at church, which means that you are in charge of all things related to the Mass. This includes making sure everything is in place before Mass, performing duties during Mass and then making sure everything is all wrapped up after Mass.  I got up early to make a checklist so that I wouldn’t be too stressed.  That partially worked, but I have to perform this job more often before I’ll totally confident. I did have one acolyte tell me, however, that this was the most organized he had ever seen the Mass preparations. That gave me hope.  I did have to admit that I’d been preparing for 2 hours before even arriving. That might have made some difference.

This afternoon, I had students from 2:30 to 7:30.  Not difficult, just a long time.

Now I am going to have dinner and then go watch tv. That is my reward for such a busy day.

I’ll check back in with you again tomorrow.

Night, all.

st. thomas

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