Almost There with the Post-Fire Renovation

I am sitting in our Fort Worth condo on actual furniture, no longer on the floor. The living room is set back up with pictures leaning where they will be hung tomorrow and there is even a fuzzy white rug on the floor. Never mind that the new washer and dryer are just past the living room chairs in the area that serves as the dining room. No problem that the old microwave is on the floor in the kitchen; the new one is right above the stove, just where it is supposed to be. There are still ladders, tools and cleaning supplies strewn hither and yon, but hope is on the horizon. Both bedrooms are almost completely finished as well as both baths. We are ambling to completion, which will no doubt shift to a trot by early tomorrow. You see we have to finish, we are catching a plane back to LA tomorrow night.

I have to take a shower now and go straight to bed. We plan to be at Home Depot at 6 am. We have to pick up a front door to replace the one the firemen banged open to keep the whole place from burning to a crisp. A small price to pay. Later tomorrow morning, Ray will be heading to the land fill with a few sundry items along with the smoky couch our renters left behind. We still haven’t gotten the word when the new fridge will be arriving. We are hoping that it will be here before we have to drive to the airport at seven. It was supposed to have been delivered last Friday, but who is quibbling?

Whatever the case, the condo is almost up and ready to rent again. We are feeling extremely happy about that. Our friend, Darrah Dunn, has been helping us with this project. One more day, Darrah. one more day! Then we can rest.


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