A Few Thank You’s along with A Trip to Ojai

Dear Friends,

I wanted to thank those of you who reached out to me after my post yesterday about my trials with daily blogging.  Here are just a few of the responses that came to me:

“Do what you need to do.”

“Do what makes you happy.”

“Don’t push the river.”

“Think about how you want to spend your time.”

“I trust you to find your way.”

Thank you.  I feel lucky to have people in my life who offer such loving support.  Much appreciated indeed!

Last night, Ray and I went to Ojai and spent the night in our Airstream.  We haven’t done that in several weeks.  The temperature got down to 38 degrees, but we were snug in our bed with lots of covers plus Cordelia and Frankie to keep us warm.

Today, we hung out with Liz and Ron and their new doggie, Ruby, a six-year-old Shar-pei, pitbull mix who came from a kill shelter after being dumped there by owners who almost bred her to death in their puppy mill.  She is a little tired and a bit worse for wear, but very sweet. I would say she got very lucky that Liz and Ron fell in love at first sight with her. She is being showered with attention, home-made food and lots of tummy rubs. I expect she’ll perk right up after she understands that she is safe and with people who are going to just love her, no performance on her part required.  I guess that’s what we all want when you get right down to it.

We returned from Ojai late this afternoon via Highway 1. The sky was blue and the ocean was turquoise.  I felt so rested, I couldn’t believe it had been less than 24 hours since we left home.  Two of my favorite places in the world are the orange grove and that stretch of Highway 1 between Santa Monica and Oxnard where we drive right alongside the Pacific Ocean.  I find it awe-inspiring that we are right on the edge of the continent on that road and that the ocean stretches out for thousands of miles beyond the coastline. I find myself breathing deeply there, drinking in all that fresh ocean air.

Tomorrow in the late afternoon, we head back to Texas for a few days for what we hope is our final push to get the condo in Fort Worth finished. We’ll have our noses to the grindstone, wrapping up the last details, but there’s light at the end of the tunnel.  We are both happy about that.  While we love Texas, three trips in 6 weeks is a bit much.  However, we are almost done with the renovation and it looks great.  I will take pictures and post them after we get everything in place.

Again, thank you all for your kind support.  I will just take life one step at a time and see where those steps take me.

Wishing you a good evening.



Liz and Ron




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