Returning from Another Trip to Texas

We are back from Texas after working there a few days on the condo renovation, post laundry room fire.  It’s coming along with new sheetrock, scrubbed and painted walls and ceilings, new fridge ordered, new washing machine installed, new dryer coming soon along with new carpet for the bedrooms.  I swear, I think God patted my little rear end when I was born and said, “This one was put on this earth to clean.” I can not describe how much time in my life I have been on hands and knees with a sponge in my hand and a bucket of warm, sudsy water next to me.  I will admit I am good at it. I can wield a sponge with focus and purpose and some real zest.  But, I don’t need to do that much longer in the condo.  We are moving beyond that need at this point, thank you, Jesus. The end is slowly coming into sight.

As always, we had a good trip.  I sleep like a baby in Lyon House.  It is quiet and solid and that train whistle off in the distance at 3 am adds a level of charm that is hard to beat.  We also stayed at the condo for two nights.  One, our air mattress deflated and we were nose to nose with the smokey carpet, and last night we slept on the donated bed frame of our now ex-renter (aka he who never cleaned out the lint trap) with a mattress topper we bought. That was a good, albeit short night, since we left this morning at 3:30 to make our 6 am flight.

Now we are back in California and it is cold for here – 41 degrees when we arrived.  However, the sky was its usual beautiful shade of blue, the palm trees waved in the wind and the temperature edged up to 60 before the day was done.  I saw a few students upon my return, took a good, long nap and now feel almost as good as new.  I am happy the condo is coming along and I am also happy to be back home.  Our little doggies were very pleased to see us this morning and the feeling was quite mutual.  Also, we have some kids and grandkids to see soon.

But right now, I am headed up to bed.  I am looking forward to an early night.

I’ll be checking in again soon.

spirit howdy



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