Shrove Tuesday (Mardi Gras) on Sunday: Our Pre-Lenten Pancake Breakfast Today at Church

Today, I was up bright and early with three other intrepid “Breakfast Club” cooks (that’s the name of our homeless breakfast).  We met at the church at 7 am (we were there at 6 am yesterday for our official Breakfast Club). Today, we had an abbreviated menu of pancakes, turkey and pork sausage, breakfast burritos, bagels and cream cheese and a breakfast frittata provided by Michelle, another St. Thomas parishioner.  We served our Mardi Gras pancake breakfast on Sunday instead of on “Fat Tuesday” because we wanted more of our parishioners to enjoy it. We are celebrating a couple of days early, but what the heck?  Why not start the fun as soon as possible?

Here are pictures of our food, our volunteers and our patrons.

Bob, Ben and Nora, my fellow cooks


James in our Decorated Mardi Gras hall


Our First St.Thomas patrons and me


More happy parishioners


Michelle and her family


Nora and Chris, our decorator!



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  1. jhenehan says:

    A delicious time was had by all!

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