Ramblings on the Trip to Texas

We are on the plane heading back to LA. A baby is crying, a man is shuffling cards, two women behind me are having a conversation with tones that suggest they know each other well. We are three in our row but the fellow in front of us has a row all to himself. That’s okay, he’s a big guy and my other row mate (besides Ray) is about my size. So we’re good. I figure this is a good time to reflect on my week in Texas.

We saw quite a few people while there. Not everybody we would have liked to have seen, but a good number. The visits were a bit more limited, time wise, than I like, but that was just the way this trip went. We didn’t have a lot of extra time. I am more of a one-on-one person but this time we saw people in groups twice. That helped in seeing a number of old friends but I would have liked more time for deeper conversations. Still, I am happy I got to touch base with those people.

Every time we are in Texas, I feel as if we have just settled in when it is time to go. After finishing all the visiting and the bit of designated work we’ve come to do, we hop back in our van or on a plane and off we go. I would like to plan a more extended stay maybe in the spring or summer. That way we could settle into a routine of just living versus visiting, and tackle some of the bigger tasks that I am excited about getting done. Like organizing our bank building or starting on the annex we plan to build on that same property. Maybe that can be a spring/summer plan. Ray and I will have to discuss.

The tough part is being away from our grandkids for any length of time. We are looking forward to the time when Luna might come with us and stay a week. I think she would like all the stuff we do when we work. Or else she could sit and draw when she didn’t. Nico is a ways away from that kind of visit but Luna is edging that direction. Maybe her mom and dad or an auntie would come too to keep her company and then fly home with her. All of that is something fun for me to think about.

Okay, I will close before this ramble gets too long. Just thinking on the page. One way to help sort out my thoughts while getting my 20 minutes of writing done for the day.

Hope all is well in your world. I will be checking back in tomorrow.

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