Thank You, Sam and Jaime

We returned this morning from our trip to Nashville where we visited my brother Sam and his partner, Jaime.  We had a “big time,” as we say in Texas, with lots of food, music, and sightseeing.  However, our main time was spent in conversation. We talked late into every night, started again early in the morning and went all day.  It was as though we just couldn’t stop ourselves from telling and telling and more telling.  We laughed, I got teary about a dozen times (not unusual for me) and we even sang.  We also tried out Jaime’s new Instapot (part slow-cooker, part pressure cooker) and ate the most delicious coconut soup I’ve ever tasted made at home.

Sam even gave me a mini-lesson in songwriting and encouraged me to try my hand at it.  I spent the trip home on the plane playing with a song, the very first I’ve ever written.  I wouldn’t say it’s going to be a gold record, but I felt proud of my first effort. More than proud, I felt happy.  The process was a lot of fun.

Spending time with my little brother and his life partner was long overdue.  I am so happy Ray and I made the trek.  They were wonderful and gracious hosts and couldn’t have been sweeter even with all that talking and crying.

Sam even got up and took us to the airport at 4:45 am.

What else can I say?  That is love.

Here are a few photos:

Station Inn, Blue Grass, Sunday NightIMG_1483

Legend’s Corner on Lower Broadway

Legends Corner


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