Heading to Nashville

I’m excited. Tomorrow, Ray and I are headed to Nashville to see my little brother Sam and his partner, Jaime. This trip has been long in coming after being postponed due to the Thomas fire. So, tonight we are packing our bags for our visit.

Sam has already checked on our dietary needs – no refined sugar, no beef or pork  –  and suggested a few ideas for fun. Music, restaurants, and movies.  I am packing some warm clothes since Southern CA temperatures are a bit higher than those in Nashville right now. I still have to dig out my wool coat and scarf. I hope I can find my gloves.

I am looking forward to this trip.  I haven’t gotten to spend quality time with Sam or Jaime in too long a time.

Happy trails, my friends.  Next time I check in, I suspect I’ll be marveling at the cold temperatures.  It is supposed to be 11 degrees for a low and 30 for a high. I may need to pack my long johns too!




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