Game Time with Luna

I had the nicest time with my four-year-old granddaughter Luna on Sunday afternoon at the orange grove. Ray asked her if she’d like to stay for a few more hours and catch a ride home with Auntie Liz and Uncle Ron, who would be leaving later in the day.  Luna immediately said yes. So her parents took her 22-month-old little brother home and she sat for a long time at a table near the fire ring, drawing.  After I tidied up in the kitchen, I went over to where she was and she said, “Let’s play ‘Would You Rather’?”

I started with the question, “Would you rather parachute out of a plane or go scuba diving?”

“Scuba diving!” she said.  “Me too,” I said.

Her turn, “Would you rather eat ice cream or pie?”

“Pie,” I said. “Ice cream for me,” she said.

By now, Auntie Liz and our family friend Jared had joined the game, but she and I were still asking the questions.

“Would you rather go to a movie or watch television?” I asked.

“I have to say movies,” Luna said, “because I love movies.”

By now Uncle Ron and Grandpa were there too. “Television,” Ron said. “Movies,” Grandpa said. “Movies,” I said.  “Television,” Liz said.  “Movies,” Jared said.

On we went with question after question in the categories of entertainment, food, colors, seasons, animals, etc.  We must have spent at least an hour asking and answering questions.

Occasionally, someone would ask a clarifying point to a question such as, “Would you rather live in Alaska or on Mars?” Liz asked, “Okay, but do I ever get to leave Alaska?”

“No,” I said.

“So many months of darkness and cold?” 


“Then my answer is no to Alaska, yes to Mars.”

“Me too,” said, Ray, Jared and me.

“Alaska,” said Ron and Luna.

What was fun about this game was just how much you could learn about yourself and the other people playing. Not earth-shattering information, but the little stuff about individual preferences. Plus, it’s just one of those simple and innocent activities that makes you feel connected and heard.

Having Luna there all by herself and being just one more person in this game was so sweet.  She was completely attentive, tuned in, and engaged.  So grown up.  At four (five in April) she is pretty grown up.

Jared told me later that our “play-time” with Luna Sunday afternoon was his favorite part of the weekend.  It was mine too.  Relaxed, fun, and sweet.  What is better than that?

Here’s a photo of Luna with Auntie Liz, my nephew Jim, his wife, Karri, and their kids, Eli and Sophie. Jim is my sister Leslie’s son.


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