Back from Ojai after Thanksgiving

We have returned to LA after being in Ojai since last Wednesday. Since that time, we’ve had 25 people for Thanksgiving, gone to the Ventura beach, the park in Ojai, a hike at the Nature Conservancy, and spent many hours in the evening sitting around a roaring fire.  We’ve eaten Karri’s turkey grilled on the fire, Rachael’s macaroni and cheese, Ray’s cranberry sauce, my pumpkin and banana cream pies, MacKenzie’s apple pie, Liz’s dressing, Ron’s ham, Eli and Sophie’s salad, Jim’s turkey bacon, Sarah’s eggs, Ariel’s biscuits, and drunk several gallons of MacKenzie/Eli/Sophie’s freshly squeezed orange juice. Plus we had a whole breakfast devoted to tacos with various toppings.

We laughed, told stories, played games, and laughed some more.

Everyone is now safely back home.

I am grateful to have such a lovely crowd of fine folks in my life.

I am also grateful for our grove, where love feels as natural as those trees full of big round oranges and tastes just as sweet.

I hope you had a pleasant Thanksgiving.

I’ll be checking back in with you again tomorrow





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