Michael’s PGA Award-Winning Short Film: Please Watch!

Michael Bina, my former writing student and current writing friend (we meet weekly to write together for two hours on our separate projects), recently won 2nd place for his entry in the Producers Guild of America’s “Make Your Mark” weekend shorts competition.  Michael and his collaborator, Shawn Shekarchian, produced, wrote and directed this unbelievably poignant film in only 51 hours. Please take five minutes (literally) and watch the product of Michael and Shawn’s hard work. I was moved to tears.

Congratulations, Michael and Shawn.  You have a bright future ahead, my dears.  This is a wonderful piece of filmmaking.  Keep at it! The world needs you two to keep telling these important stories.

Here is their film:


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Great documentary Len!!!

    1. Thanks, Reece. I️ am so proud of Michael!

  2. ingells says:

    Beautiful film. So sad.

    1. Yes. I cried while watching this.

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