The Pros and Cons to Spotty Communication

We are up in Ojai at the orange grove. Our information from the outside world comes from our phones and the radio, both of which can be somewhat sketchy at times. Tonight, we can’t get the World Series game clearly on the radio and the only words on Facebook from my friends are things like, “Wow,” “Nobody is giving up,” “What the heck?” “Go, Dodgers!” “Go, Astros!” (Remember I live in LA, but have a lot of Texas Facebook friends since I am a native Texan.) Alas, I can conclude I am missing quite a game but have no further details.

I am heading to bed soon (yes, it is 9:16 but it has been dark for hours already and I am feeling the tug of that soft mattress.) I will find out what happened, I am sure, the second I wake up.

Though not a huge sports fan, I do appreciate when extraordinary games are being played. I believe this might indeed be one of those games.

And in case you’re wondering, I have to root for my hometown boys in a situation like this. Luna and Nico would never forgive me otherwise. After all, they have been going to Dodger games with their mom and dad since they were born and have all the Dodger tee shirts and caps to prove it. I have gone to a few of those games myself.

Let’s go, Dodgers, let’s go!

I guess I will see tomorrow how it went.

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