Last Day in Chicago

This has been a great trip.  Lots of quality time with our friend Shireen, an unexpected visit with Brit, several days at the Art Institute, the trip out to Plano, Il to see the Farnsworth House and time today at the Illinois Technical Institute, University of Chicago, the Robie House, and downtown at the Chicago Stock Exchange and the Federal Reserve Bank.  I have clocked almost 20,000 steps today alone and have traversed up and down 20 sets of stairs.  Tomorrow, we leave here at the ungodly hour of 3:30 am to make our 6 am flight back to LA.  I have students late tomorrow afternoon and evening.

I am going to include a few photos to show the diversity of the art and architecture we have experienced this week.  This is only a taste of this Chicago experience because we also had food I haven’t mentioned, a 24-hour rain storm, lots of talks with Shireen, some great reading and tv watching time and even work and tax preparation time. This has been a full, fun and happy week.  Of course, I am grateful for Shireen for offering us such kind hospitality.

Here are a few photos that capture a smattering of our time here in the Windy City.


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