A Window into My Day Today

Today has been filled with mundane errands, Romeo and Juliet, and college essays.  I headed over to Beverly Hills first thing this morning to retrieve parking placards that were supposed to be sent in the mail but somehow got lost.  The City Hall in BH is an impressive building, fitting of a capital building in a small country.  Typically, the security is tight, but somehow the guard on duty waved me right through with a smile.  That was a nice treat.

Here is the Beverly Hills City Hall:


After returning home, I spent four hours on the phone with one of my college students who is attending Brown University.  We worked on a paper about the difference in the love expressed by Romeo to his friend Mercutio versus Romeo’s lovesickness for Roseline and his passion for Juliet.  This is interesting stuff to me so I enjoyed this discussion.  Much of what my student and I did was discuss various passages in the play that support the claim she is arguing.  She made notes and will construct the essay on her own. I will help edit it once the rough draft is complete.

Romeo and Juliet

Once that was done, then I was off to the post office to mail a letter, then over to the hair salon for a quick haircut.  Then home again for three more hours of students, one who is young and needs writing support and the other, a high school senior who is nearing November 1 deadlines for his college essays.

That brings me up to only forty minutes ago when I walked the dogs around the block.

Now, this is my last task of the day before heading upstairs to watch a tiny bit of television before dropping off to sleep.

No time today for much of my own writing.  This blog will have to suffice.  Alas, I learned a few things today that were satisfying.  First, the guard at BH City Hall was feeling a bit kindly this morning, which was much appreciated; second, Shakespeare is a brilliant wordsmith, particularly in demonstrating the intimacy between Romeo and Mercutio through their joking wordplay; and third, my students are quick with hugs hello and goodbye, which I find very sweet.

On that note, I’ll bid you adieu.  Sleep well.

I’ll check in again tomorrow.


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