Heading Back to LA

We left the orange grove after dinner this evening. We had a very productive few days there and the little house for Ron and Liz has a roof, sides, insulation and even wall covering on almost all walls. The wires are all run for electricity and there is a clear plan in place for the next work day. So all is well on that accord.

I had a glorious visit with my little grand babies since I was on baby duty when I wasn’t working as the cook. I was support for babies since Sarah was there and the primary cook. I had lots of time to chat with Sarah while we watched the kids play. I also had time to chat with Luna while we walked around the orange grove or down the road on the property. Nico chatted as well and I could even understand him about 80% of the time. At 20 months, some of his conversation is a little hard to decipher. Still, he is such a happy little fellow, his needs are pretty easy to figure out. I am very happy those little folks seem to love the orange grove so much. That makes my heart sing.

Liz, Ron, Gregorio and Ray worked tirelessly on the building project. They should sleep very well tonight. They have put in a lot of hard work.

Yes, a very satisfying few days. Hooray.

I will check in with you again tomorrow. Until then, have a happy and restful night.

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