Night with Grandbabies

I am lying here in bed with a sleeping baby boy by my side. Luna is in the next room with grandpa and the dogs. Normally we would all just sleep in our big California King but daughter Sarah worries about babies and dogs. Apparently she has seen some worrisome things in the emergency room during her rotations and we honor her concerns.

I am feeling lucky that my little bed partner has gone to sleep fairly easily. Apparently at home he is known as a night owl. Here, we hit the sack fairly early and Nico seems to accept that is our approach.

Luna barely makes it through the bedtime stories before she is out. Grandpa usually falls asleep too. Right now the house is totally calm. I am barely able to keep my eyes open. I guess the condition is catching. Of course, it may just me thinking about how early we will be getting up tomorrow.

I will check back in then.

Until then, take good care.

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