A Busy Few Days

I am among the walking dead at the moment.  We returned on Thursday afternoon and have been going a bit too strong since then. Tonight I feel as if I could curl up on the rug and sleep right here in the living room.

Here is my schedule for the past few days:

Thursday evening: Visited in Pasadena with kids and grandkids.

Friday morning: Caught up on bills, paperwork and phone calls.

Friday afternoon: Worked on eBay.

Friday evening: Picked up our priest for the Episcopal Night at Dodger Stadium only to learn that our late arrival (8 pm) resulted in no parking at the stadium or on the surrounding streets. Returned home after approximately 1 hr 45 minutes in the car, going and returning.

Saturday morning: Cooked at the Breakfast Club beginning at 6 am.

Saturday at noon: Went to Luna’s preschool at St. Mark’s Episcopal church, Glendale for their open house picnic.  Stayed two hours then went to Sarah’s house for an afternoon visit.

Late Saturday afternoon: Drove to St. Thomas the Apostle for a concert by the Horizon Chamber choir.  Stayed for the reception.

Sunday morning: Headed back to St. Thomas for 10:30 mass and then a 2-hour discernment meeting with one of our parishioners.

Sunday mid-late afternoon: TV watching between 4 -6, then eBay from 6 – 8.

I know this isn’t particularly interesting to read.  I am writing it mainly to remind myself that my fatigue is reasonable; I am not crazy.

Ray and I know better than to pack too much in just as we return from a trip, but most of this couldn’t be avoided.  There was no way I was going to miss seeing my kids and grandkids upon our return to town. That is a gift, not a chore.  And Luna’s preschool open house visit came as a direct request from her.  When your 4-year-old granddaughter asks specifically for Grandma and Grandpa to come to her school, well, there is just no turning that down.

The Dodger game might have been avoided, but it’s been planned for a long time.  (We didn’t end up getting in any way so it was a shorter evening than it would have been.)  The church Breakfast Club and concert are events we believe we need to support.  Mass today was critical because we had the stewardship kick-off Sunday and we are members of the stewardship team.  The discernment committee meeting was planned last month and was the only date when everyone could attend.

Alas, I have survived.  I am hopeful that a good night sleep and a routine day tomorrow will pull me back to a spot where I feel some energy.  I expect it will.

I hope your weekend was a bit less hectic than mine!

I’ll check back in tomorrow.

Grandpa, Luna and Ms. Charlie
Nico and His Daddy
St. Thomas today
The Saturday Afternoon Concert
Mass this morning



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