On the Road…

We are headed to North Texas and have stopped tonight in Moriarty, New Mexico.  We had dinner in a local restaurant and were serenaded by these folks.  Actually, they were pretty good!  Married 52 years.  We only heard their last two songs: Jimmy Buffet’s “Margaritaville” and the hymn “In the Garden.”  (Fairly different subject matter!)  Afterwards, they walked around the restaurant and chatted with everybody. That’s when I learned how long they’d been married.  The wife’s name is Georgia (she is sitting down with her back turned to the camera.)  I didn’t get the singer (her husband’s) name.


We are now watching all the coverage of Hurricane Harvey. Dear Lord in heaven. We visited Corpus Christi when Sarah did her clinical rotations there during her 3rd year of medical school.  A lovely town. My thoughts and prayers go out to all on the Gulf Coast who are experiencing this terrifying deluge.  Hang in there San Antonio and Austin, as well!

Heading to sleep now. We are up early tomorrow for the final leg of our trip.

I’ll check back in tomorrow.



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