My Day Today


I am sitting in my den with both dogs sleeping near me.  They are patiently waiting for me to take them on their walk.  We returned from Ojai this morning after being up at the orange grove for two days.  Liz and Ron joined us yesterday, but Liz, bless her heart, was not feeling well.  I think she had a little bug that was giving her a slight temperature and a queasy tummy.  Of course, being outside in that quiet and peaceful place was no doubt good for her.  She brought her chair and chatted with me while I picked six crates of oranges.  This was lovely since I had company while I reached up and picked as high as I could without a ladder.  The result: six trees with oranges gone only one-half of the way up!  I’ll have to revisit them with a ladder next time I’m up there.

This morning, Ray and I left the orange grove after breakfast.  The goal was to get to St. Thomas the Apostle for the 10:30 mass.  As it turned out, we left a bit later than expected so I knew we’d be a little late; however, I didn’t expect to see traffic backed up about ten miles before the exit for the 405 and signs that said that exit was closed.  In the entire time I’ve lived in LA, I’ve never seen the 405 completely closed down.  I don’t know if it was because of construction or if there had been a terrible accident. Whatever the case, the slowdown resulted in a post-sermon arrival.  Ray dropped me off, took the dogs home and then returned.  He assured me that he was willing to make this sacrifice.

After church, our discernment committee (five members) met with our person who has hopes of becoming an Episcopal priest.  These meetings end up being an opportunity for each of us to get to know one another very well and to deepen our own spirituality.  I read The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein to the group and we discussed it. Last time we read The Velveteen Rabbit.  Next times, we’ll have another children’s book to read and discuss as a way into our time together.  This was a suggestion by the Diocesan leader for discernment and I must say I’m enjoying this addition very much. Who doesn’t love being read to, especially when you’re reading/hearing beloved children’s books?  Also, it’s amazing what spiritual discussions can come from these secular books. A great addition indeed.

Tonight, after I finish this blog and I take the dogs for their walk, Ray and I will watch “Games of Thrones.”  Yes, we are among the devotees of this excellent series.  I am only sorry there are only seven episodes this year and this is number six.  Lordy, a whole year before we get to find out what happens in the final season.  Ugh. Still, I can’t wait to see what is in store for tonight.

On that note, I’ll close.  I hope you have a good evening.  I’ll check back in tomorrow.Until then, take good care.

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