The Best Gift I’ve Ever Received

The best gift I have ever received was when I turned 60-years-old.  My children planned a trip for the entire family down to Ensenada, Mexico for five days. This had the dual purpose of a celebration of my “big” birthday as well as a chance for our family to meet our new son-in-law’s family, who live in Ensenada.  A third purpose was for Gregorio to show us this beautiful part of Mexico right on the Pacific coast where he’d spent the first 16 years of his life. 

The kids informed Ray and me of my gift in my birthday card and included the line, “We have arranged everything. You two are going to do nothing but rest.  We are also paying for everything.”  Wow.  This was a first.  No planning?  No paying?  Just resting? I could hardly get my mind around that concept. And they were good to their word. We simply got in the car and headed down to Mexico, our only job beforehand was packing our bags. 

We stayed in a lovely house right near the beach.  We swam, hung out, ate (they cooked) and visited Gregorio’s family and the local sites.  I wasn’t even allowed to wash the dishes. 

I don’t remember when I’ve ever been that happy or relaxed.

Recently, I mentioned I’ll be 65 in January and tossed out the idea of a return trip.

Fingers crossed that we’ll be heading down south again come the first month in 2018.  

I’ll even wash a dish or two if that will help seal the deal.


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