Heading Home after a Camping Weekend

We have just had the loveliest weekend.

We went up to Ojai on Friday night and spent the last two days just hanging out with our family at the orange grove. Ron's mom and a family friend came up today for breakfast with us. That was the biggest event of today. Yesterday the biggest event was going to the beach in Ventura. The rest of the time was spent either making easy meals or just sitting/lying around. This is so different than how Ray and I usually spend our time that it was especially wonderful.

Luna figured out that she could spend time in the outdoor shower all by herself on this trip. She came over after getting all clean and said, "Oh Grandma, that shower is so refreshing!" Indeed it is.

This afternoon, after everyone else left but Liz and Ron, we all just lay around reading or staring up at the trees. I also did a bit of birdwatching and determined that the big birds soaring above the grove are turkey vultures. I thought they might be hawks but they are too big to fit that description. So, after all this time, I finally was able to look up the various birds that inhabit the Ojai environs and figure out exactly what these birds are. Mystery solved.

Ray and I are headed back to lA now. I feel as though I have been on a week's vacation. Nothing better than being in that quiet and peaceful place with the people I love!

I hope you had a restful weekend and are ready to start your upcoming week with renewed energy.

I will check back in again tomorrow.

Liz taking a snooze today

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