Up in Ojai

We are up in Ojai with our family. An impromptu camping trip before life gets busy again with work and other obligations. Looking forward to a relaxed time with everyone including the grand babies.

The moon is shining bright tonight. No need for a flashlight when walking through the grove. The moonlight shining in the trees is lovely. I wish I could capture a photo but it just won't be caught.

We will head to the beach for part of tomorrow to stay cool. Nothing more fun than taking the babies and dogs to the beach in Ventura.

Heard a pack of coyotes just a while ago. Made me realize just how close we are to the national wilderness here. That wilderness runs for fifty miles to Big Sur.

We have our dogs inside the Airstream with us. Liz and Ron are in a tent. Gregorio and Sarah have a pop-up trailer for themselves and the kids. Rachael is coming up tomorrow; Ariel has to work. Summer is busy for an air conditioning guy!

Very happy to have everyone here with us for the weekend. We see each other but often for just a few hours amidst lots of activity. Here, everything is much more slow and relaxed. That makes being here a lot more special.

Off to bed. Babies are early risers.

Have a great weekend. Hope you have some fun planned or at least time to put your feet up.

We will talk again tomorrow.

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