Nicki, Max, Aretta and Zelda’s Visit from Texas

Our niece, Nicki, her husband, Max, and their kids, Aretta and Zelda, left today.  We had a lot of fun.  Aretta is four and Zelda is fourteen-months.  On Friday night, we went to Sarah’s house for a barbecue. Saturday, we headed to the Griffith Observatory, Carnie’s on Sunset Boulevard for lunch, a birthday party for a baby friend and then a pizza party at our house. Sunday, we went to the Getty Museum in the morning, had lunch there, then drove to Zuma Beach above Malibu.  We came home and had leftover pizza and a salad. Today, Nicki and Max left early to explore downtown Hollywood and the La Brea Tar Pits.  I just heard from them a few minutes ago and they are sitting in the airport with a delayed flight to Austin.  Still, they are settled and with two kids in tow, that can be good all on its own.  Happy travels to the Leatherwood-Schooler family.  We love you all.

Here are a few photos commemorating our time together.


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