Two Cousins Meet After a Long Four Years

Luna and her cousin Aretta were born within a week of each other back in 2013.  They have corresponded by mail and email, as well as heard stories about each other, but today was their big meeting.  Aretta’s parents, Nicki and Max, are visiting here from Austin, Texas and Nicki is my first cousin Lee’s daughter.  Lee and I were also born within a week of each other back in 1953.

The pictures tell it all.  We had a family gathering tonight at Gregorio and Sarah’s house. Lots of good food and laughter and a happy connection for these two little girls who soon were acting as though they had seen each other every day of their four-year-old lives.

Family is good.  Love is good.  A wonderful evening.

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    AWWW……wish we could have been there too!! Thanks for the post and pictures.

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