Good Bye, Dimmit House

Today we signed the papers to sell what we call the “Dimmit” house (named in deference to Pauline Dimmit, one of the early long-term owners).  This 1915 Dutch Colonial is located directly across the street from our home on North Crockett Street in Sherman, Texas.  While Ray and I are both delighted that we’ve sold Dimmit to a couple from McKinney who already profess to love it, I must admit I am experiencing just a little bit of sadness over saying goodbye.

We bought this house in 2011 because there was a real possibility that the construction company on the next street was going to raze it in order to create a parking lot to store their heavy machinery.  After all the restoration work we had just completed on Lyon House, our Queen Anne Victorian, we decided that for the sake of aesthetics, property value and sanity, we could not be looking at backhoes and bulldozers across from us. Therefore, we bought Dimmit and began the arduous task of resurrecting a home that had been condemned.

With the aid of Ray’s creative vision and leadership, the meticulous workmanship of Chris Robinson and Darrah Dunn, and my willingness to perform all forms of grunt work for yet another major restoration, our little team of four (along with a few periodic support people) brought Dimmit back to life. We are very proud of the result, which we all feel is beautiful.  There is nothing better than having a shared vision, particularly when working on a house that is worthy of the time and energy required for restoration. The feeling of accomplishment at completion is comparable to delivering a beautiful, healthy baby.

Alas, the Dimmit house now goes forward with its next set of “stewards,” who will be bringing their skills to provide maintenance and improvements.  I wish them well.

Here are a few pictures that I took this morning just before we went to the title company and signed the papers.

Ray Beaty, Chris Robinson and Darrah Dunn, here’s to a job very well done.  Hip, hip, hooray, my friends!  Thank you for this wonderful shared experience.




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  1. judyalter says:

    What a wonderful house and a wonderful story. As one who treasurs the old, I applaud all you did. So glad it went to loving owners. For years, I dreamed of living in a house like that, but it wasn’t to be for many reasons.

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