Surprise Visitors from Austin!

Ray, Rachael and I were working on eBay this morning in the living room here in LA when we heard a knock at the door. Usually, those knocks mean that FedEx is delivering a package. However, when I peeked out the front window, there stood my nephew Hutch Leatherwood looking back at me.  This wouldn’t be all that unusual except that Hutch lives in Austin, Texas and hasn’t been to LA in five years. We hurried to the door amidst enthusiastic barking from both Cordelia and Frankie (the usual greeting) and in walked Hutch, his fiancee, Candace, and his best friend, Guillermo.  We were surprised and also delighted.

Turns out the three had been down in San Diego since Thursday enjoying that city and the sun (though I hear it was a bit cloudy) and had come to LA for a concert at the Hollywood Bowl the night before.  They were stopping by en route to Malibu where they were going to see one of Hutch’s friends there and enjoy the beach before heading back down to San Diego to catch their flight back to Texas tomorrow.  These were all festivities connected to Guillermo’s birthday. Lucky guy!

Anyway, we were thrilled to see them even if it was a short visit.  We caught up on all the family news, went out to the back yard to check out our tiny garden and the avocado and peach trees and sent them on their way with a couple of avocados and some succulent stems to start in pots when they return home.  (Hutch has an exceptional green thumb.) Candace and Hutch mentioned possibly returning in October for a bit longer visit. I certainly hope so.

What a wonderful treat it was to see those sweet faces today!  How lucky that we were home and not off on an errand or up in Ojai.  It was even better that I didn’t have a student sitting in the den working on a 25-page paper with an impending deadline.  As it was, they arrived at a perfect time for us to take a break from work and we were able to have a leisurely visit.

Thank you Hutch, Candace and Guillermo for taking time out of your quick CA adventure to see if we were at home. Hooray!  It all worked perfectly and I am so happy to have seen some of my Texas family.

In addition to Hutch and Candace, plans are also in the works for my niece, Nicki, her husband, Max, and their two kids, Aretta and Zelda, to come this summer. They live in Austin as well.   I am happy!

Life is good.

I didn’t have the presence of mind to take a picture so I am borrowing this one taken in Austin back in March by my cousin Lee.  From left to right are my two nieces, Mahlon and Charlsie, my nephew, Hutch, and his fiancee, Candace.  A sweet bunch of folks.




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