My Work Day Today after 10 Days Away

Today has been one of those mega-work days after my 10 days away in Texas.  I started at 6:30 this morning with a graduate student in Clinical Psychology who had a major term paper due. We had already devoted several hours to this project before I left for Texas.  Today, we worked for four additional hours and finished it up. Hooray! After that, I had a meeting with a boy who is a junior at Milliken High School and we spent one hour reading the final chapters of The Day of the Locust by Nathaniel West. I hadn’t read this novel before and must say that it was both intriguing and eye-opening. Shortly after that student left, I had a two and a half hour session over the phone with a young woman who is applying for graduate school as a physician assistant. I had already edited part of her personal statement while in Texas; we spent the remainder of the time working on the second half and then doing a run-through of the entire statement.  It is now complete. Finally, this evening, I spent two hours on the telephone with another student who is in Barnard in New York City.  We worked on a strategic revision of a history paper that is due as a final project. We finished that revision about fifteen minutes ago.  In between these students, I responded to reading responses in my online class as well as critiqued one weekly submission.  Now I am finished and happy.  Yahoo!

In the case of most of these students, I am in my final week of interaction until they start school again next fall. The Millikan boy is not in that category, but almost everyone else is. My online class concludes this week as well so I am winding up my school year.  I am happy about that. I’ve had a successful year with lots of students and great results, but I’m a bit weary after all that work. I look forward to turning my attention to other kinds of work, such as eBay, estates, and antique sales, for a couple of months before the next round of high school seniors arrive to work on college essays. I am grateful for the work and the wonderful relationships that work brings, but am ready for a rest.

On that note, I’ll bid you adieu for tonight. I am going to walk my dogs then head upstairs to bed.  Tomorrow should prove to be a good deal more relaxed than today.  I also have hopes of seeing my kids and grandkids soon after our time away.

I’ll check back in tomorrow.  Until then, sleep well.


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  1. jhenehan says:

    There’s a LUNAGIFT awaiting the LUNAGIRL on Sunday. For you and Ray to bring on the next grandchild rendezvous!

    1. Thank you, Joan. Good chance Luna will be there on Sunday at 9:30. Can’t promise but high probability. You are very sweet to think of her!

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