Back in Williams, AZ and Headed West

We are in Williams, AZ tonight after a full day of driving.  The dogs are curled up on one bed and Ray is on the other.  We hope to be back in LA by tomorrow early-afternoon.

We had a successful trip with lots of business accomplished along with some good visits. Thank you, Shann Schubert and Darrah Dunn, for having a dinner party for us with that lovely group of friends and also to Eleanor Via for feeding us delicious enchildas one evening.  Plus, I’m glad I got to spend even a little time with my cousin Lee Leatherwood’s friend, David Dickson.  That was quite a treat as well.  Big hugs to our neighbors, Vicki and Alan Parker and Amy and Scott Ellis, plus Ray’s brother and our sister-in-law, Rile and Jo Ann Beaty for coming to visit us.  Plus a thank you to Jared Tredway for making the trek down to Fort Worth with us.  All in all, a wonderful way to spend our time.  We didn’t see several people who are special to us on this trip, but we plan to return in late June for at least two weeks so we hope to see you then.

I am always surprised when I first arrive at our house in Sherman and see that beautiful place.  It’s as though we live in parallel universes – CA and Texas – with full lives in each. When in one, the other fades away (except for my kids, son-in-laws and grandkids, of course.)  I marvel at all the friends we have in Sherman and antique dealer acquaintances.  When there, it’s almost as if we never left; when in LA, it’s as though Texas is in a distant universe.  A very odd experience, altogether, but a wonderful one.  It helps me to see that people are people no matter where they live and they want and need the same things: love, respect, time and attention.  I am lucky to have such a rich and full life.

On that note, I’m headed to bed.  We are up early in order to get to LA before the traffic starts in mid-afternoon.  Ray is already snoring.

I’ll check back in tomorrow.




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