Final Hours of Cross-Country Trek

We have been driving since 6:30 this morning. It is now 10:55 pm. We have another hour to go before we arrive at our Texas home. We started yesterday at two pm. We had planned to leave at noon, which would have sped up getting out of LA. As it was, we added another hour to the 24 hours of driving by waiting those two extra hours. That is why now we are out on this lonely two lane highway between Wichita Falls and Sherman, Texas following the lone pick up truck that is out here with us. 

The night sky is full of stars. We are listening to “I Want  to be Sedated” on the radio. This is after hearing hours of national news. Plenty of that. Please, bring on the music. 

We have had a good trip so far. Weather was colder than we expected or dressed for in Arizona and New Mexico and we had a little rain, but nothing of note so far. If this pick up ahead of us just keeps leading the way, we should be just fine. 

I just saw a sign that said we were eleven miles from Gainesville. That means we are almost in home territory. Gainesville is in the next county over from Sherman. The county seat of Cook County. Yes, this means we are almost there. 

Ray seems wide awake. That’s good. Appears our pick up is now turning. No worries. We know the way home. 

I will check back in with  you tomorrow. 

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