In Honor of Luna’s 4th Birthday Tomorrow: My Blog Post entitled, “Two Weeks Since Luna’s Birth

I wrote this post 4 years ago when our little Luna was just two weeks old.  A very happy memory for this granddaughter who has brought so much light and love into all of our lives.


I have been a grandmother for a little over two weeks now. This is what I know in this very short amount of time:

1) I have not felt this sort of feeling for 22 years since my youngest child, Rachael, was born.
2) Babies have the softest skin imaginable.
3) Luna turned and somehow kissed me on Thursday (her 2 week birthday) right on the lips. I have not been that happy in a very long time.
4) Babies smell so good.
5) Luna has a beautifully shaped head.
6) She also has skinny little legs and a tiny rear-end.
7) Holding hands with a new granddaughter is a satisfying thrill.
8) Luna loves to rock with grandmother holding her.
9) Luna will suck on my finger so I can give her mother a break.
10) Changing baby diapers has not changed since my last experience over 20 years ago. Diapers and bicycles…there you go.
11) Burping is not significantly different either…
12) Trying to get baby arms and legs into tight tops and pants is not particularly easy.
13) Luna has beautiful bone structure.
14) Luna has big oval eyes.
15) Luna’s hands look like my hands.
16) Wrapping baby up like a burrito still works quite well to calm them right down.
17) Baby swings continue to be a great investment.
18) Desitin still seems to be the product of choice for diaper rash.
19) Babies get a lot more stuff than they will ever need.
20) A good stroller is a must!
21) This girl has already stolen my heart. I would have never guessed this would happen so fast!

I’m sure I will be able to add to this list as Luna grows and I get to know her better and better. As of now, suffice it to say that I feel blessed to have this beautiful child in my life, and exceedingly lucky.


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