Please Watch! A Short Web Series from my Writing Friend and Former Student, Michael Bina.

Michael and I have been friends since he was in 7th grade when he arrived to work with me as a writing student.  Since then, he’s graduated from Beverly Hills High School and NYU Tisch School of the Arts and is now back in LA as a young screenwriter and filmmaker.  He is also my writing friend, meaning we meet weekly in a mini-writing group of two.

Here is his latest short web series, Valet, Season 2, which is a very funny look at the “valet” world.  I think you’ll be impressed with the actors, the film production, and the writing.  Lots of fun and, unfortunately, closer to real life than any of us want.

No big commitment here.  The viewing is free and the web series (8 episodes) totals 20 minutes.  Yes, that’s all.  Eight.  So, give it a look-see and support a young artist and his collaborator, Shawn Shekarchian.

Here’s the YouTube link:

I promise you’ll laugh.

Michael, Ryan (one of the cast) and Shawn


4 Comments Add yours

  1. What’s not to l.o.v.e.? 😀 😛 ❤

  2. Michael Bina says:

    Thank you, Len!! Your support, and guidance, has always meant so much to me.

    1. It has been my pleasure, my dear! Ditto.

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